Diana Cacy Hawkins

Writing Marketing Copy That Sells

Are you dissatisfied with your sales team’s writing skills?
Is “ineffective copy” one of your sales team’s top three challenges?

Great sales enablement copy for your sales team members will help you get more sales.

Get your prospects talking.

Increased effective follow-up conversations.

Strategically guide prospects through the sales process.

Get the sale!

If you’re ready to elevate your sales team’s ability to close sales with effective content,
email me today, and let’s chat!

Do I know how to write sales enablement?

Good question! Let me set your mind at ease.

I took a passion for writing B2B and B2C in the food and drink industry to e-Commerce. Writing for a dozen different industries and being part of top email writing teams kept me busy for a few more years. I took that experience and gained certification in Sales Enablement Copywriting under the expert guidance of one of the best B2B copywriters, Steve Slaunwhite.

My Sales Enablement Certification badge is below. I’ve also provided examples written by me, illustrating what you get when we work together on your sales enablement copy.

Sales Enablement Copywriting Specialist

Sales Enablement Examples


Cold Email

This example shows you how I can write a very concise email that’s easy for your team members to adjust for your prospects.


Battle Cards

A small example of how I write concise, tight battle cards to help your team keep the prospect moving through the sales journey.



working on which one to show here


Sales Deck

A short example of how a sales deck presentation looks from me. Created with PowerPoint.


What People Say About Me

“Diana is amazing! She has been an irreplaceable asset when it comes to copywriting and designing a marketing strategy. Her contribution to our client’s success cannot be overstated. She is a model of responsible and dependable behavior, always getting her work done on time while giving 110%. I am so happy I got the chance to work with her.”

Ignacio (Account Manager)

“The first time I ever got to work with Diana was on a really complex and totally new project, something we hadn’t done before.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect, the client was from a completely different culture, and I was afraid that we wouldn’t be able to close this culture gap and get into the head of the customer. But then Diana did her research, and she came up with copy guidelines for the client. I was amazed by how specific they were.”

Stefan (Account Manager)

“Diana has an approach to copywriting which very few people do. She thinks beyond the words and delivers also a coherent structure that works amazingly with the design making my work so much easier. Her writing style allows me to complement her creative process with mine, and the results are always outstanding. I expect nothing but quality from her, and she’s by far the best copywriter I’ve worked with.”

Danny (Design Lead Manager)

“Diana is very professional and makes collaborating on projects easy and efficient. She is transparent throughout the process and is open to suggestions and feedback. Every time we work with Diana, we can expect quality work and fast turnaround.”

Johnny Nieves (Copy Chief)